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The hare

The hare The spring came, its izba thawed it and asked to get warm to me and expelled me.

Do not cry, the hare dogs speak we will expel her.

Went to an izba: Avavav!

It seems, fox!

And a fox to them from the furnace: As I will jump out as I will jump out scraps on zaulochka will depart!

Dogs were frightened and escaped.

The hare under a bush sat down and cries.

There is by a bear: About what, the hare, you cry?

As to me not to cry!

There was at me an izba bast, and at a fox ice.

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I wait I will

I wait I will While it was small, it it was possible to force to go to school; now he the adult also lives under the laws.

I have nothing to do there the boy speaks and to expel will not expel.

What then?

I ask.

I do not know.

Yes to me all the same to go to army.

Yes mother this, probably, only means joins.

Means for what?

For correction of its character.

I wait I will not wait when it is taken away at last can, then will become reasonable.

Yes, it seems to much: a high security, life according to the schedule, any minute to do need not what is wanted and that order, a duty to submit to discipline everything that defines army life will make what ourselves did not manage to make: will form character, will teach to work, will force to treat life with the responsibility appropriate to the adult.

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Everything If parents divorced Whether there is a need divorced?

The parents who are going to disperse sometimes ask the doctor that will be better for children: if they disperse for the sake of restoration of tranquillity or if they keep a family, despite friction.

Certainly, on this question there is no ready answer.

Everything depends on why parents cannot get on together and whether there are hopes for their reconciliation.

When between spouses there is no consent, each of them is convinced that another is guilty.

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The child

The child After all the future of my children is based on this base.

Child and his feelings You remember that simple chart chapter ?

How you think, the child gravitates to what pole?


Of course, to the left, emotional edge.

The child comes to this world, possessing amazing ability to emotional perception.

The child is exclusively sensitive to how mother is adjusted.

What surprisingly fine show when the newborn is brought for the first time to mother if, of course, she really wanted and waited for it!

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As a result

As a result Such powerless parents often had the unhappy childhood, them did not manage to convince that they are generally good people and normally behave.

As a result they grew up diffident.

Such parents need the help of skilled teachers.

Jealousy and rivalry The jealousy can bring both benefit and harm.

Jealousy powerful feeling even at adults.

The small child suffers from that does not understand, in what the reason of his tortures.

If the jealousy is very strong, it can make for a long time to the child life a misery and develop at it gloomy outlook on life.

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